Friday, August 16, 2013

Running2Reunite Video Update

Hi, me again. I made this little video (< 2mins) last evening after my last training run before the "race" tomorrow morning at 6:45 (really just a "run" for me since I am not trying to win anything except your support ;-)

I wanted to be sure that you know that through this run I am currently raising money to reunite TWO families in the next month. The first is the family from Sudan that was recently on the local news as a generous woman from Salt Lake City has worked very hard to get half of the family members home just last week. When I learned that there were 4 more members still stuck in Uganda awaiting plane tickets I had to jump in and make up the difference so they could be reunited after 5 long years! You can watch their story here.

Later the same day I committed to help this family above I was contacted by my long-time African brother, Joachim Fayani, about another family in very difficult circumstances. The wife/mother has been in California for a couple of years since fleeing Eastern Africa for her courageous efforts to advocate for the rights of girls and women in her country. She literally fled for her life and is safe here in America now but her family remains at risk. We have to get them reunited ASAP.

I am running tomorrow in the Park City Half Marathon to represent these good families who will continue to be separated unless those who CAN help DO help.

Please visit to support these families.

Thank you!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Running 2 Reunite

This time of year is when I push myself to do something hard, and sometimes painful, by running a half marathon to raise money for the families we help at Bridges To America.

Despite only being able to train for the last two months after hernia repair surgery in May I am going for it this Saturday at the Park City Half Marathon. (Did I mention we moved to Park City in April? Well, we did and we love it!)

My "Build Bridges" shoes
I am calling my effort Running2Reunite and the goal is to raise $3,000 to buy one-way plane tickets for a father, son, and two daughters from Sudan currently stuck in Uganda and separated from the mother and daughter, who have legally been in the USA for the past five years so that the daughter could undergo multiple surgeries (ongoing) to repair a severe cleft palate.

I came across their story here this past weekend and am delighted to tell you that yesterday I spoke with the wonderful woman who has helped this family so far and I committed Bridges To America to provide the remaining $3,000 necessary to cover the airfare and end this family's long separation once and for all.

The point of this run Saturday is to earn your support and donations so that I can make good on my commitment. In my work with Africa I have learned that nearly everything there is hard and there is so much pain and suffering that could be alleviated with such little action on our part. So, running 13.1 miles is my way of sharing a little pain (hopefully not too much suffering!) with the African people we help today and those we hope to help soon. We can only do this with your support.

I will not be setting any personal bests at this race (recent surgery and PC altitude) but I hope you will set a personal best by donating as much as you can to help us get this family back together. I will be thinking of this family and their certain joy as they see each other soon for the first time in five long years. That way I can fight through the pain and smile on Saturday. I hope you will join me.

Click here to donate and click here to share. Please do at least one!

Thank you!