Wednesday, July 14, 2010

$1500 Short Term Goal

The Egbukonye Family has 3 weeks to be reunited in the USA. As I write this, Mother Vivian, three year-old Destiny, and three month-old Duke are anxiously awaiting news in Nigeria that we have been able to purchase their airfare. We need to get to our $10,000 goal but desperately need to raise another $1,500 now to be able to make this dream happen for this sweet family. The father, Dixon, raised $1,000 on his own and is fully vested in this process. He has already secured a job and an affordable place for his family.

Supporting this effort is not simply writing a check to some faceless charitable organization or giving spare change to a needy hand in a big city, every dollar you can give directly supports a family in need that is committed to get reunited and get busy living the American dream of setting goals and working to accomplish them. They are already so grateful for the money that has been raised and are daring to hope now that there will be enough to get them here in time.

PLEASE, take the next 3 minutes and help change a family's life for the better.

Thank you.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Many thanks to all of you who have taken my calls and taken action to make your donations. I am thrilled to report that we now have about $2,500 in the bank and we are moving in on our short-term goal of $6,000.

I meant it when I said that every little bit helps and I am grateful for the few children who have broken open their piggy banks and given what they had to give.

I know we are all "hit up" from multiple worthy causes but the difference here is that you have a chance to directly help a family that will thank you personally for your generosity and I promise to keep you updated on this blog with their progress.

Lastly, if you are thinking of donating please do so now as I need to be buying tickets by this time next week to meet our deadline to have the family enter the US by early August.

Thank you so much for helping this sweet family.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

$4,000 by the 4th. Please Help!

Quick update on our fundraising efforts. So far, we have raised $1,500 towards our goal of $10,000. The big push now is to simply raise $4,000 by the 4th.

Dickson is grateful for the efforts thus far and in fact has found a way to contribute a significant portfion himself proving his sincere commitment to reuniting his family.

The clock is ticking on the issued visas for his wife and two sons and we urgently need you to please give whatever you can so we can buy the airline tickets and get them here by August 1.

There is absolute power in numbers and if you can give any amount we know that we have a great chance of reaching our goal and getting this family back together so they can start the American Dream of safety, security, and independence. Use your effort as a way to show your patriotism and respect for our great country.

God bless you!