Saturday, August 25, 2012

Finished but NOT Satisfied

Well, I only accomplished one of my goals today in the half marathon: FINISHING!

I ran a 2:05 which is about 2 minutes slower than my personal best and 5 minutes behind my elusive goal to break 2 hours!  I will say that in 3 half marathons in 3 years I am pretty consistent: 2:03, 2:08, 2:05.  For whatever that's worth.  I would like to be a little inconsistent now if that means faster. ;-)

Here is a link to my official results.

I have to tell you that I don't think I can sit around and wait another year to break two hours so, despite needing to relax for about a week, I think I am going to seek another half in the next month and give it a better shot.

Thanks to everyone who supported me.  We raised over $500 for Bridges To America for our current projects.  If you haven't already donated please take a minute to consider doing so.  Seriously, even $10 helps our cause and you get a tax deduction.  Not sure how anyone loses with that deal!

Stay tuned...

Mika and I before the race in 49 degree morning weather!
After--Happy to be done and a little warmer.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Run for the Money

I am doing it again this year.  Top Of Utah Half Marathon on Saturday, August 25th.

Last year I ran a marathon to raise money for Bridges to America, this year I am "only" doing a half marathon.  Or as I like to call it: 13.1 miles.  It just so happens to be half of a marathon but that doesn't make it any shorter.

I do this because I do enjoy the challenge but more importantly I want you to know as a potential donor that I don't ever take a donation lightly and I am willing to work hard to earn it.  As you can see from the links to the right we have three fundraisers going on and I really need your support this year.  Pick your favorite cause or just give what you can to the general fund and we will route the funds to the cause that needs the most help.

This year, I have three goals for my run.

1.  Finish
2.  Set a Personal Best (faster than 2:03:02)
3.  Break the 2 hour mark

Accordingly, in order to make your donation interesting you can donate in several ways.

1.  A per finished mile pledge.  (e.g. $1/mile for each mile finished = $13. $5/mile = $65, etc.)
2.  A bonus if I make a PR.  Or nothing if I don't.
3.  A speed bonus if I break the elusive 2-hour mark.

For the record I am down in weight to 205 pounds but I only did 12 miles last night in around 2:15.  Granted it was 85+ degrees outside and I was carrying my own water but lots will have to go right for me next Saturday to break 2 hours.  Still going to try hard.  Feel free to challenge me with a bonus pledge.

Thank you so much for helping us and supporting the good things we are trying to do.

Even if you can't or choose not to help with a donation will you at least share the effort on Facebook or Twitter, or whatever?