Monday, August 23, 2010

URGENT--Fundraiser Alert!!

Fresh from our recent success in reuniting the Egbukonye Family I am happy to announce that we are launching a new fundraising effort this week. Here are the details:

I have registered to compete in the Top of Utah Half Marathon ( THIS Saturday in Logan, Utah. I have never run a half marathon race before and, in fact, have only ever competed in a handful of 5k races over the years. I have been preparing for this race and do feel ready but with 13.1 miles between me and the finish line this Saturday morning at 7AM dare I say that anything can happen??

Here are two options to pledge donations:

1. $/mile. You can pledge a dollar amount per mile I actually run. I plan to finish the 13.1 miles so if you pledge $1/mile then you would donate $13. $5/mile = $65 donation, $10/mile = $130, etc. If I don't finish (unlikely I hope) then you would donate your $ amount per mile for each mile I actually complete.

2. Speed Bonus. I have been training to run this race in under 2 hours. I hope to do that but there is no guarantee that I will. For the record, my fastest run so far (this past weekend) was 11 miles in 1:49. IF, I finish the race in under 2:00:00 you can pledge a bonus. For example, a flat amount of $25, $50, $100, etc. This can be in addition to Option #1 above or as a stand alone pledge.

Either way, please consider using this pledge as a way to motivate me to excel in this race while making a tax-deductible donation to a great charity.

Email me with your pledge at Call me anytime with questions: 415.203.3763.


I am thrilled to report that earlier this month--and just in the nick of time--the Egbukonye Family was reunited in San Francisco via New York City

Many thanks to those of you who took the time and money to support this effort. Candidly, we fell short of of raising the necessary funds to be able to get them here and Bridges to America is currently running in the red. That said, given the urgency of getting Vivian, Destiny, and Duke here before their visas expired we had to do whatever we could to accomplish this amazing reunion quickly.

Your ongoing support is needed. Please pass this along to those you know who may be able to help. We need to raise about $1,500 to erase the deficit and continue to help deserving families in need.

Pictures coming soon.

Mission accomplished...thank you!